MOBILE, AL - Over the last seven months, Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine put more miles on his government-issued pickup truck than the other two commissioners combined put on their vehicles, according to fuel records obtained by The Press-Register.

Combined, records show Nodine used 1,581 gallons of gas - compared with 741 for Commissioner Mike Dean and 497 gallons for Commission President Merceria Ludgood.

Nodine, who faces an impeachment trial next month on charges that include misuse of his vehicle, charged almost $3,575 to his county gas card. Ludgood, by contrast, charged $1,399. Dean only charged $27 because he almost always filled up his vehicle at the county garage, the Register reported.

A review of Nodine's gas receipts showed that he stopped at out-of-county gas stations 42 times during those seven months. The locations included 11 stops in Florida, reported the Register.