BRECKENRIDGE, TX - The Breckenridge Police Department has received a grant to upgrade its fleet of patrol vehicles, according to The Breckenridge American.

The Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division (CJD) has awarded 13 of the 24 Justice Assistance Grant (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) Applications for the West Central Texas Council of Government (WCTCOG) Region.

Applicants receiving award notices were Brownwood, Stephens County, Rising Star, Stamford, Eastland, Knox County, Hamlin, Anson, Nolan County, Stonewall County, Brown County, Tye, and Breckenridge. The city of Breckenridge was awarded $35,104 in this grant.

A portion of the grant money was spent on a new Police Patrol car, Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor.

The car, put on the street April 26, came equipped with all necessary patrol features except for a radio and markings. The total cost of the car was $31,393, reported the Breckenridge American.

Breckenridge Police Chief Larry Mahan said the grant not only helped with the purchase of a new patrol car, but will help with department upgrades.

"The remainder of the grant money will be spent on a new in-car video system to upgrade the system that we have at this time," he said, Breckenridge American reported.