BROWNSVILLE, TX - The Cameron County Sheriff's Department recently unveiled new Dodge Charger patrol vehicles acquired with a $2.2 million grant received late last year, according to The Brownsville Herald.

The funds come from Operation Border Eagle, which allows the sheriff's department to employ and equip 12 new deputies who will focus specifically on border interdiction, targeting drugs and arms smuggling, Sheriff Omar Lucio told the Herald.

Six of the new deputies were equipped with Dodge Charger patrol cars, which are designed for high-speed pursuits. Lucio said the men assigned to these units were specifically trained in high-speed driving.

The patrol cars also feature a camera system that records in color everything that takes place when the deputy makes a traffic stop.

Because the vehicles were acquired through a grant, the sheriff's department will have to keep track of operational details, such as mileage, fuel usage, number of traffic stops, and amount of marijuana seized.

"We will use this information and hopefully reapply for the grant in two years," Lucio said, reported the Herald.