LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL - Driver's Alert, a pioneer in the fleet safety and risk reduction industry, announced it has been awarded under contract number 052109 to participate in the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), through an addendum agreement with Federal Contracts Corp. (FCC), an awarded vendor to NJPA. The relationship with FCC will enable Driver's Alert to provide its crash reduction and driver safety services to agencies nationwide through NJPA, a governmental agency that created a cooperative purchasing network of more than 31,000 municipal agencies across the country.

Driver's Alert has added a special section to its website, which is dedicated to government fleet managers and NJPA. To find out more about Driver's Alert's NJPA Program, go to

Members of NJPA cooperative jointly own all contracts under NJPA, which are all approved following competitive bids and an evaluation process. Through inter-governmental laws in every state, all state, county, city and local municipalities can utilize these contracts to obtain goods and services at nationally discounted prices, without having to re-create or manage the time-consuming and expensive competitive bidding process. This can be accomplished if the local procurement laws allow bidding from other agencies, such as the NJPA Contract that was advertised, bid nationally, evaluated and awarded competitively and therefore satisfies most local bidding situations.

All NJPA contracts are competitively bid to provide national volume discounts.  Through the program, members of NJPA, which include government, education and non-profit agencies across the U.S., can experience the savings and advantages of "contract purchasing". By following the municipal contracting laws, NJPA is able to provide valued purchasing solutions that save municipal agencies time and the expense of going through the bid process. Agencies may join free of charge by filling out the membership form at

Paul Milazzo, Driver's Alert chief operating officer, said: "We believe our relationship with FCC and NJPA will help us deliver our crash reduction and fleet safety solutions to a very important customer base. We won a competitive contract for "How's My Driving" program with the State of Georgia last year, and have successfully helped the State save money in property damage and liability costs. However, we found the competitive bid process was long and arduous for both entities."

Milazzo continued, "Through NJPA, our services are now available to member municipalities, educational and non-profit organizations at cost-effective prices and without going through the 6 - 9 month process normally required compiling a time-consuming bid.  We are targeting the public, education and non-profit sectors with a dedicated effort to address their unique requirements, and we believe FCC and NJPA are the perfect partners to help propel us into this marketplace.  With the coming CSA2010 requirements, this is the perfect time for government fleets to engage a service which has been proven to reduce at-fault crashes and related costs by as much as 70 percent for our clients."      

FCC's President, Clark Ricke, commented:  "We are proud to represent Driver's Alert to NJPA members.  We have represented heavy manufacturers for some time, and within the last two years NJPA entered the fleet technology services category.  By accepting and awarding Driver's Alert under the NJPA program, we are supporting a company that has been in business over 20 years in the very important area of fleet safety and risk reduction services.  With our extensive expertise in the government sector, we are positioned to help Driver's Alert create a leading position in the governmental marketplace."   

About Driver's Alert

Driver's Alert, a pioneer in the fleet safety and risk reduction industry, was founded in 1989. Our Smart Risk Program combines best-in-class driver observation, on-line driver safety training and real-time driver risk leveling in a convenient, all-in-one solution. Over 10,000 companies with more than 600,000 vehicles across all industries in North America have chosen Driver's Alert to help them lower their fleet costs by reducing their risk. The Company is privately held and located in Lighthouse Point, FL.  Learn more about Driver's Alert at our Web site

About Federal Contracts Corp. (FCC)

Federal Contracts Corp. is a privately held, Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business incorporated in the state of Florida. It has been issued GSA contracts #GS-30F-0008S & GS-30F-0018U and NJPA contracts #100907, 081209 and #052109.   FCC's mission is to provide manufacturers with the highest level of representation to Governmental Agencies and related markets, and to provide services that are needed to help make Governmental Contract Purchasing as efficient as possible. 

About National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA)

The National Joint Powers Alliance is a governmental agency that creates business and service relationships between buyers and suppliers.  They are Public Employees which are governed by a Board of Elected Public Officials.  NJPA establishes and facilitates competitively bid purchasing contracts on behalf of all government and education member agencies nationally.  NJPA serves public and non-public educational systems and non-profit and governmental agencies.  For membership and organization related information, go to