LAYTON, UT - In less than two months, four Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) vehicles have had to be repaired after several collisions, reported

On Dec. 29, Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Greg Lundell told KSL he was outside of his vehicle on Interstate 215 helping a driver who had slid off the road when another driver slammed into the back of his car. Now, his 3-month-old Dodge Charger, with only 9,500 miles on it, is at a Layton repair shop.

Another UHP patrol car hit the following day joins his car in the repair shop.

"This will be our fourth car in the last four or five weeks," Lundell said.

All those cars are from the UHP's Davis County section, where they only had two spare cars. Troopers had to get retired cars from the state fleet just to work snowy roads the past two days.

"This is the worst time for us to be out of a vehicle and trying to get one fixed," Lundell said.

Luckily, none of the officers involved have been seriously injured, Lundell told KSL.