PORTLAND, OR - A police car stolen from the home of an on-call Portland police officer was recently recovered in Clackamas County, reported The Oregonian.

The officer, who lives in Damascus but has not been identified, took the car home and left it in his driveway, said Sgt. Mike Marshman, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman. The officer turned on the car in the morning on Dec. 4 to warm it up then went back inside to get his child. When he came back, the car was gone.

The car, a 2007 four-door black Chevy Impala, belongs to the bureau. Some items in the car had been thrown outside but were recovered. There were no weapons inside the car, Marshman said. It has no police markings on the outside; blue and red lights in the grill are only visible when activated.

The bureau has a fleet of unmarked cars that are taken home when officers are on-call and have pagers. Marked cars are only used by uniformed officers, according to The Oregonian.