SIERRA VISTA, AZ - The Sierra Vista Unified School District can now use the City of Sierra Vista's maintenance and fueling services for its vehicles as a backup to the district's own services, according to the Sierra Vista Herald.

The school district governing board approved two intergovernmental agreements with the City of Sierra Vista during a meeting on Nov. 3. The first addressed fleet fueling services. Superintendent Brett Agenbroad said combining resources will offer greater efficiencies and cost savings.

While the district currently has its own fueling capacities, the agreement provides backup to the district for the actual purchase price of the fuel, plus a $0.05 per gallon flowage fee to offset operation and maintenance costs of the fuel facility, reported the Herald.

In a second intergovernmental agreement approved by the board, the city agreed to provide fleet maintenance and repair services to the district and offer fleet parking or storage areas as an optional service, Agenbroad said. Though the district has its own maintenance services, the city services will also be used as a backup in an emergency or unforeseen circumstances, according to the Herald.