BURLINGTON, NJ - Arsenault Associates, provider of Dossier fleet maintenance solutions, announced that its consulting services business increased by 36 percent through the 3rd quarter (YTD) of 2009 compared with the same period a year ago. The increase is in consulting services revenue which directly reflects hours and days of services performed.

According to Arsenault President Jack Boetefuer, consulting services are leading the company to healthy overall growth in 2009, a smart rebound from 4th quarter 2008 when the country was falling into a state of financial shock.

"Despite the severe challenges we face in this economy, we're still looking forward to positive year end results and growth for 2009, a year that began with most companies suspending or carefully reviewing all new purchases," Boetefuer said. "The value that our Fleet Management Consultants bring to both new and existing customers is a big reason for our growing success over the last few years."

Arsenault consulting services are often retained to help fleets properly deploy Dossier software. Arsenault consultants help prepare fleets for implementation, train critical personnel, and assess the fleet's progress to ensure return on investment. Some fleets look to Arsenault consulting to increase productivity from under-utilized technology they already own. Each of Arsenault's consultants has over 20 years experience in Fleet Maintenance Management and this allows them to provide extremely valuable guidance to customers in operational and management areas that often goes well beyond the bounds of the Dossier system.

"We're finding that in these challenging times, managers are looking for contributions to profitability," said Dave Reed, Fleet Management Consultant for Arsenault Associates. "Now is the time to seek the advice and consultation from those who have a diverse and broad range of experience."

Arsenault's consulting staff draws its strength from the experience of its members. Reed joined Arsenault as a consultant in 2006 after a long, successful career in fleet maintenance. Veteran fleet maintenance expert John Davis, who leads the Arsenault consulting team, has been with the company since early 2005. Jim Nicholl joined the Arsenault consulting group in 2008.

Reed said that fleets have become very serious about eliminating waste and creating efficiencies. They understand that there's more to it than simply buying a piece of software, sitting back, and watching the benefits roll in.

To best implement software, Arsenault consultants analyze customer work flows -- how they manage parts, how they interact with vendors, and who needs what kind of information, for example. Then they apply best practices to deploy the software effectively.

"Software is an excellent tool, but it has to be used correctly to achieve the maximum benefit. Dossier can put excellent information in management's hands, but management has to put that information to work.

That's where we can help," Reed said.

About Arsenault Associates

Arsenault supports green, fuel-efficient fleets and equipment. Its Dossier software serves a growing customer base of more than 4,000 fleets that operate over 600,000 pieces of equipment. Customers include large Fortune 100 corporate fleets, as well as mid and small size fleets in a wide variety of industries like trucking, concrete, construction, food, beverage, education, marine, government agencies, and more.

Dossier manages a variety of vehicles including tractors, trailers, trucks, buses, and autos, plus construction and material handling equipment. Arsenault has provided maintenance management expertise to fleets of all sizes since 1979. For more information, visit www.arsenault.com.