OPELIKA, AL - Lee County Commissioners have been asked to review a new, stricter cell phone use policy for county employees as part of revised personnel policies, according to Opelika-Auburn News.

With the exception of sheriff service positions, the new section in the county's personnel policy "applies to the use of county-provided, personal cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) while acting in the scope of an individual's employment with Lee County."

"Use" in the policy includes "receiving or placing calls, text messaging and the reading of, Internet usage, receiving or responding to e-mail, and checking phone messages."

The "usage while driving" section prohibits using cell phone or PDA when operating a county vehicle; operating any vehicle in performance of their duties; and operating any vehicle while engaging in any business related to county operations.

Lee County Administrator Roger Rendleman asked members to consider the cell phone policy to help reduce risk and liability to the county.

Decision on the policy will take place at the Oct. 27 meeting, reported OA.