RENO, NV - The Reno Police Department was granted approval Oct. 7 to replace 14 of its existing vehicles through a budgeted police vehicle replacement program that reflects current budget constraints, while meeting critical public safety needs.

The vehicles being replaced have exceeded their useful life by age, mileage or general condition, or are beyond economical repair, according to Reno Fleet Manager Bruce Mullin, and include patrol cars, motorcycles, and pickup utility vehicles. The Council action approves expenditure of $530,000.00 in 2009-2010 budgeted funds for vehicle purchase and equipping which includes purchase and installation of radios, computers, cages and prisoner restraints, emergency response light bars, sirens and controllers, and other equipment, Mullin added.

The purchase plan is a reduction from the 100 to 120 vehicles that have been replaced in past years, with Reno Fleet Management deferring replacement of all other vehicles and equipment, including patrol cars and service vehicles, as a cost-saving measure. All of the city's vehicles, with the exception of those for the Reno Fire Department, are purchased by Fleet Management in Reno's Public Works Department. The Reno Police Department does not budget for, nor purchase, its vehicles.

When possible, Mullin said the replacement purchases will be made using an existing State of Nevada bid or joinder bids from other public agencies that also provide cost-savings. When a vehicle is not available through those bid options, it will be competitively bid through the City of Reno's Finance Department.