CONWAY, SC - S.C. Department of Motor Vehicle records show Horry County Council Chairwoman Liz Gilland had a suspended driver's license during some of the time she was driving a checked-out county vehicle, according to The Sun News.

Though Gilland paid $440 in traffic fines to get her license reinstated Sept. 24, Horry County Central Traffic Court records showed her license was suspended for a little more than two days before the fines were paid, reported by Sun News.

Gilland had checked out the county vehicle Aug. 17 after a wreck left her personal vehicle undriveable for several days. However, after her car was fixed several weeks ago, Gilland said she kept the county Impala to conduct county business.

According to Horry County's motor pool vehicle policy, a driver must have a valid license to check out a vehicle. The county maintains an insurance policy and would be responsible for incidents that occur while a person is driving the vehicle on county business.

The county's Infrastructure and Regulation department handles disciplinary actions for employees found not to have a valid driver's license on an individual basis, but does not cover the actions of the County Council.

Horry County Councilman Gary Loftus said he planned to try to revise the county's motor vehicle fleet policy to eliminate the gray area for council members at an upcoming council meeting, reported the Sun News.