FRANKFORT, KY - Nearly 200 of Kentucky's surplus state vehicles were auctioned off Sept. 22, netting more than $330,000, according to a statement by Governor Beshear's office. Proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase more energy efficient and environmentally clean vehicles for the state's fleet.

Approximately 400 people attended the auction conducted by the Division of Fleet Management and the Division of Surplus Properties, both agencies of the Finance and Administration Cabinet.

One hundred seventy-nine vehicles were sold for a total of $336,475. In April of 2008, the Divisions of Fleet Management and Surplus Properties sold 205 vehicles for a total of $495,950. The average price for a drivable vehicle was $2,246.43, with an average mileage of 119,537.

Cities and counties from across the Commonwealth were also given the opportunity to purchase, at pre-established prices, vehicles prior to the public auction, allowing several city and county leaders the chance to buy needed vehicles at economical prices. Various cities and counties have expressed intent to purchase 32 vehicles for a total of $107,513. The average mileage on these vehicles is 109,393. If these transactions are finalized, the total revenue from this sale will be nearly $434,000, according to the statement.