SCOTTSDALE, AZ - The past few months have been very busy at GPS Insight, the company revealed in its newsletter.

In mid-to-late July, the company will release its Hierarchy Capabilities throughout the GPS Insight Web site, which allows users to:

  • Define corporate/management/geographical structure.
  • Assign vehicles, landmarks and users to that structure.
  • See "rollup" and "drill down" reports and "exceptions" by region.
  • Use Hierarchy structure to run and schedule reports.
  • Use Hierarchy structure in alerts and maps.
  • Use Hierarchy structure to automate dashboard customization.

Additional upgrades include a new CDMA version of the GPSI-4000, which allows the product to be used by customers in remote areas with better Verizon coverage.

Further, the company has deployed Garmin-enhanced GPS Tracking solutions. The product allows users several ways to dispatch or message via the GPS Insight Web site. The company also integrated the capability with SMS text messages.

Additionally, the company has introduced the following:

  • New reports and graphs continue to be added to the product based on customer requests.
  • GPS Insight sponsored a 30-page Service Workforce and Fleet Management report by the Aberdeen Group.

Additional information is available at