WAYNE, PA – AssetWorks, a provider of Appraisal services, Facilities Management services and software, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software and Automated Fuel Systems, announced it has launched an updated company website at www.assetworks.com with dramatically improved navigation and a sophisticated new look. With the focus on how "We Work", the new website spotlights the many different ways that AssetWorks software and services work to help companies streamline and improve their processes for Asset Appraisal, Facilities Management, Fleet Management, and Fuel Management.

Enhancements to the Web site include:

  • Improved Navigation - Visitors are able to intuitively navigate the site by their particular industry or by the type of solution they are seeking. Drop down menus also make it easy to find specific product and services information.
  • Expanded Content - The new website includes more detailed information about the company, products and services. Product pages have been added that include features, benefits and specifications as well as downloadable spec sheets. Case studies highlight industry best practices and reflect how customers use our products in the real world.
  • Refined Look and Feel - The user experience has been enhanced with eye-pleasing graphics that reflect AssetWorks color and branding.
  • New Features - New features on the web site include an intelligent search bar, event listings that link to event details, and a rotating spotlight story on the homepage which highlights relevant company and industry news.

"We are excited to launch this improved version of website as a service to our current customers and potential customers who are seeking information about the services and products that AssetWorks offers," states John Hines, President. He continues, "Our online visitors now have an intuitive path to learn about AssetWorks - who we are, what we stand for, and how our products can help them work smarter with better results."

Visit the new, improved Web site at www.assetworks.com.

About AssetWorks

AssetWorks is a supplier of Appraisal services, Facilities Management services and software, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software and Automated Fuel Systems in North America, with more than 700 customers, including over 140 Facilities Management customers, 450 fleet and transit customers and more than 75 Automated Fuel System customers. AssetWorks has over twenty-five years experiences providing enterprise-wide software solutions and professional consulting services that can help companies with capital and fixed asset management; vehicle and stationary asset maintenance management; improved regulatory compliance such as GASB 34/35; detailed financial reports; catastrophe modeling; insurance valuation; inventory control; fuel and energy expenditures and much more. For more information, visit www.assetworks.com.