MIDDLETOWN, OH – Warren County is the only Ohio County that has opted out of stimulus money for transportation improvements, reported the Middletown Journal.

Commissioners reportedly rejected $373,000 in stimulus money to buy three new transit buses and upgrade the fleet, citing opposition of deficit spending for buses and vans.

Commissioner Mike Kilburn said he refuses to take any stimulus funds.

County Administrator Dave Gully said ODOT sent the county a letter saying it was eligible for the money, but the commissioners decided not to apply for the funds.

Commissioner David Young said the commissioners also are looking for a way to give back $1.8 million in stimulus money allocated for energy efficient windows and roofs on government buildings. "We are working with the prosecutor's office to find a way for us to give back the money and make sure that no one else spends it," said Young. "We want to make clear that we are saying 'no, thank you' to spending this money and we are reducing the $787 billion being spent by $1.8 million."

Young said while the conservative board of commissioners is against the $787 billion stimulus package, even they might support using funds for larger infrastructure projects rather than vans.