BALTIMORE -Baltimore County has locked in monthly gasoline prices with a fuel supplier that officials say will save about $6 million in fuel costs this year, according to the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

The county will pay a fixed rate each month, depending on volume, for gasoline and diesel fuel, under a contract with Universal Marketing, officials said. The cost for the larger deliveries last month was $1.39 a gallon for gasoline and $1.93 a gallon for diesel. This month, it will be $1.43 and $1.95 per gallon, respectively. Deliveries of smaller amounts will cost slightly more. At peak demand this summer, costs will not exceed $1.70 for gasoline and $2.19 for diesel, with slight price adjustments according to volume. "The more we purchase, the less it will cost," Ellen Kobler, a county spokeswoman, said. "We were able to lock in prices when oil was selling for $36 a barrel," she said.