SOUTH BEND, IN - Elkhart’s fleet manager, Joe Kaler, has developed a fleet purchase and replacement policy and city Mayor Dick Moore’s on board with the plan, according to

Moore recently announced the policy.

The policy’s upshot? “Provide the most appropriate, safe and reliable equipment” so all departments can better serve city residents.

A structured purchase/repair/replace policy for the city’s fleet will, according to Moore, reduce big ticket purchases, maintenance costs, and equipment downtime while following a 10-year equipment lifecycle schedule, according to

When possible, Moore said local bids and quotes will be used for additional and replacement vehicles and equipment.

Per the city’s Web site:

· Elkhart’s Central Garage department maintains and services more than 900 pieces of equipment for all city departments, including police, fire, streets, parks, aviation, public works and cemeteries.

· Elkhart’s Central Garage department has 10 ASE certified mechanics.