WAYNE, PA - AssetWorks, a leading provider of fleet Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software and Automated Fuel Systems, announced that it has signed a fleet management software, hardware, hosting and implementation services contract with the Department of Central Services for the State of Oklahoma.

 The Oklahoma Department of Central Services (DCS) is taking advantage of Networkfleet’s telematic solutions for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) offered by AssetWorks, which includes Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, automated odometer reading and integrated diagnostics. AssetWorks’ FleetFocus™ solution, used statewide for fleet asset and maintenance management, integrates out of the box with Networkfleet’s AVL/GPS technology for automated meter readings and updates and to obtain engine fault codes and diagnostic information in real time for maintenance management.

The Oklahoma Department of Central Services utilizes AssetWorks’ FleetFocus to maintain its monthly lease and daily rental fleet that serves many different state agencies. It sought an automated and fully integrated telematics solution to increase its efficiencies and cost savings. DCS is also launching an aggressive FleetFocus expansion project into other state agencies statewide.

After a competitive procurement process that included on-site demonstrations and a full analysis of several solutions, the State of Oklahoma selected the integrated technology offered by AssetWorks and Networkfleet. While there were many factors considered, DCS identified the following key points in selecting AssetWorks and Networkfleet:

  • Proven AVL-GPS interface experience .
  • Web-based technology.
  • Proven large scale implementation experience.
  • Out of the box, proven, integration.
  • Financial stability.

The integrated solution provided by AssetWorks and Networkfleet enables the Department of Central Services and the State of Oklahoma access to real-time location and on-board vehicle information, including meter readings. “Getting real-time odometer readings is a vital component of a successful preventive maintenance program. Telematic devices eliminate the manual and time-consuming process of entering odometer information and can serve as a catalyst for reducing vehicle maintenance costs in state-owned vehicles,” stated Clay Chandler, Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP) and Fleet Manager for the Department of Central Services and State of Oklahoma.

Networkfleet’s patented technology communicates with a vehicle's onboard computer, interprets the data and transmits important information directly into FleetFocus. FleetFocus assimilates this information into a single fleet management database that allows users to proactively manage all maintenance aspects of a fleet with a keen eye on safety and compliance. In addition, FleetFocus provides the technology for fleet operations to manage labor, parts inventory and materials, warranty claims, procurement, availability and equipment utilization. This technology can increase equipment up-time while capturing and analyzing the costs associated with operating a large and diverse fleet.

The FleetFocus solution also provides the State of Oklahoma with the ability to access engine trouble codes and diagnostic data in real time. FleetFocus can use this information to automatically generate work orders and service requests. The integration between these two products gives fleet managers the tools and data to better manage both routine and unscheduled maintenance.

“AssetWorks has a strong history of success in serving State agencies and we currently serve 29 of the 50 States. We have been pleased to play a part in the State of Oklahoma’s fleet management successes. In addition, we are excited to implement our integrated telematics solutions with Networkfleet. Networkfleet’s technology has proven to integrate very well with FleetFocus and we look forward to a successful deployment with Oklahoma,” stated John Hines, president of AssetWorks.