SHELTON, CT - OEM Data Delivery, a developer of jobsite data management tools, has introduced a telematics system designed for owners of heavy equipment that want to track and manage their assets and each unit’s fuel consumption. The OEM Data Delivery Telematics System is a wireless, hands-free way to capture individual asset locations, along with work time, engine idle, and service alerts. This allows management to monitor, in real time, the activity at each jobsite.

Systems typically consist of several modules, which can be implemented simultaneously, or over time. Generally, the core module is an ST-900 Cellular Service Tracker, which offers standard GPS capabilities, with greater flexibility and user-friendly operation. The ST-900 tracks machine hours, location idle vs. work logs, and odometer readings. It also generates custom service alerts so maintenance can be scheduled when it’s most advantageous and over-servicing is avoided.

A Fuel Tracker unit, used in conjunction with the ST-900, tracks, in real time, the dispensing of fuel and other consumables into individual equipment or vehicles.

Telematics systems are custom-engineered to user requirements; training takes just a few hours. All modules within the OEM DD Telematics System were engineered for rugged environments. Systems perform wirelessly, paperlessly, and free of manual intervention. Management reports are generated nightly and information can be uploaded into virtually any back office system.

The OEM DD Telematics System also streamlines the process of generating regulatory documents, particularly fuel tax refunds for off-highway use. Like telematics systems used in other industries, it has proven to be a valuable tool for the prevention of asset theft.