MADISON, IN - Grote Industries has introduced a state-of-the-art, long-lasting LED interior dome lamp specifically designed to provide exceptionally bright, low-heat illumination critical to those who give and receive care within the world’s ambulance fleets.

The company designed and engineered the new lamp in consultation with ambulance manufacturers and emergency medical technicians. As a result, the new Grote lamp provides very bright illumination defused through the lens to deliver broad coverage and eliminate blinding glare associated with other bright lamps.

“In testing, emergency responders found the lamps to be comfortably bright with just the right color temperature,” said Mike Grote, business development manager for Grote Industries. “Some responders even reported that the lighting enhanced their ability to find patients’ veins for IV access.”

The new seven-inch round LED WhiteLight Dome Lamp with Dimming Function features a recessed design, easing head bumping concerns for emergency responders. A direct replacement for any seven-inch or eight-inch round ambulance lamp, the new Grote dome lamp provides a cooler, long-lasting, energy-efficient alternative to halogen or incandescent lamps. Compared to today’s common halogen lamps, the Grote LED lamp is cooler at the lens by at least 15 degrees Celsius.

“There are no bulbs to replace, no downtime, and less chance for light-out situations,” according to Scott Robertson, special lighting sales manager for Grote Industries. “Grote has designed this lamp to last the life of the vehicle by using state-of-the-art-materials and thermal management techniques.”

Robertson said that use of the cooler WhiteLight lamp also results in a more comfortable patient compartment and a lower draw on the electrical and HVAC systems. The lamp enables manufacturers to meet the specifications of GSA KKK 1822. The standard three-wire termination allows for dimming to be switched, and if there is excessive heat, the lamp is designed to cut back the power. More information, including detailed specifications on the new lamp (part #61191), is available at