HAMILTON COUNTY, IN – The City of Carmel is creating a no-idle zone for its city-owned vehicle fleet. City leaders want to cut back on gasoline costs and improving air quality at the same time.


Hamilton County recently failed to meet federal air pollution standards and that didn’t sit well with Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard. The mayor has instituted a number of environmental policies in the Hamilton County. His latest move prohibits city employees from letting their vehicles idle, according to www.wthr.com.

The city joins a growing number of U.S. cities looking for ways to save on rising fuel costs while trying to cut emissions.


Minneapolis recently passed a law limiting all vehicle idling to three minutes, except in traffic. The Conference of Mayors honored The City of Carmel with a Climate Protection Award last year because of the city’s lead and expansion of its roundabouts, designed to move traffic while reducing idling and conserving gas.


In 2005, the city starting swapping out its fleet of gas guzzlers for hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles.

Carmel’s Department of Community Services uses hybrid vehicles almost exclusively.