GWINNETT COUNTY, GA – Gwinnett County was bringing in from $800-$900 for its used Chevy Impala police cruisers two years ago; now it’s making $2,500 on average for each of the cars. Some go as high as $3,200, according to

The increase is due to a plan developed by the county’s fleet management department to give up the auction gavel and go high tech. Beginning in April 2006, the department began listing its used vehicles on eBay, and sales have boomed ever since.

The program has resulted in a 35-percent increase in revenue on vehicle sales, according to Michael Lindsey, Gwinnett County fleet management director. The county has recorded revenues of $1.3 million on the sale of some 489 vehicles since the program began. The bulk of the sales are for the white Chevy Impalas.

The retired cruisers are stripped of their police packages, but retain high-performance engines and suspensions. Then the vehicles are listed on eBay. A little more than half the buyers are local.

The county now lists for sale lawn mowers, construction equipment, stripped police cars, fire trucks, and road department trucks.