LEE SUMMIT, MO – Lee Summit City officials are trying to conserve fuel in response to soaring gas prices.

During budget talks in January, City Council members asked city staff to conserve fuel and investigate options for a “green fleet.” And staff will present green fleet options to the council’s Finance and Personnel Committee in September, according to Lee’s Summit Tribune.

In the meantime, officials are doing what they can to save at the pump. According to city documents, the city purchases gasoline for about $3.20 per gallon, and diesel fuel for some $4.50 per gallon.

According to Mark Stinson, fleet manager, the city spent some $1.7 million on fuel last year. This year, the city budgeted $977,000. If fuel prices go up significantly, or if there is bad weather, a budget amendment may be necessary.

The City of Olathe is also taking steps to curb the price of fuel. Brian Scott, assistant city manager, said the city’s Fleet Division has already taken steps to use fuel as efficient as possible by using smaller vehicles, changing filters more often, and performing proactive maintenance. That includes making sure the size of vehicles are appropriate for the job they’re performing. In most cases, Scott said, this means replacing larger pickup trucks with smaller, more efficient trucks or cars on some jobs.

Scott said fleet officials also want to take advantage of new hybrid engine technologies and alternative fuels such as natural gas or propone.