HODGKINS, IL– OPW Fuel Management Systems, a business unit of OPW Fueling Components, has made available its Petro Vend C/OPT Fuel Control System with a FSC3000 fuel site controller built directly inside the fuel island terminal.

The built-in FSC3000 creates a secure Bluetooth wireless connection between the FSC3000 fuel site controller mounted in the C/OPT and a Bluetooth-enabled host PC. The FSC3000’s Class 1 Bluetooth modem allows wireless data transfer for distances up to 320 feet. With this added capability, site operators can poll their transactions, update card files, or change their site configuration wirelessly, using Phoenix or Artware software. This feature facilitates the retrieval and updating of information at remote fuel sites where no direct line communication is available.

The FSC3000 stores transaction data and vehicle records, including fueling restriction data critical for proper fleet management. The fuel site controller can store thousands of propriety cards and transactions, so even the largest operations have room to expand. Programming is done right from a PC and simple menu choices guide users through setup and daily operations.

The benefits of the C/OPT include displaying graphics that guide users through the fueling process with pictures and text; the acceptance of dual readers including magnetic, optical, proximity, and ChipKeys for maximum flexibility and reliability; and the utilization of USB memory keys for transaction backup/transfer and updating card files.


For more information, visit www.opwfms.com.