MAXIMUS, a provider of fleet enterprise asset management software and automated fueling management solutions, recently announced that it has received a Statewide fuel system order from the State of Minnesota, Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

MnDOT has been successfully using MAXIMUS FleetFocus, the market-leading fleet maintenance management software application, for its fleet of 4,500 vehicles since 1999. MnDOT will be will be upgrading their FuelFocus automated fuel management system (FMS) controllers to MAXIMUS’ new real-time wireless automated fueling controllers.

The MAXIMUS FuelFocus hardware has performed well in the harsh Minnesota winter weather and allowed MnDOT to realize the true value of a fully integrated fleet and fuel management solution. Going forward, MnDOT will be implementing the MAXIMUS Wireless Automated Fueling (WAF) solution for all of their fueling locations.

"We’re looking forward to implementing Wireless Automated Fueling”, said Bob Ellingsworth, highway equipment supervisor. “It will greatly improve the accuracy of our equipment usage data and PM program".

MnDOT uses FuelFocus to automate its fuel operations at 38 locations throughout the State. FuelFocus enables MnDOT to automate the collection of fuel consumption data for the MnDOT fleet. FuelFocus wireless ensures that only authorized vehicles can be fueled and will immediately update the FleetFocus database in real-time. All of this data is captured within a single integrated Fuel and Fleet Management system.

Other states utilizing the MAXIMUS FuelFocus solution include the State of Maine DOT, the State of Indiana, the Illinois Tollway, and the State of  Washington DOT.