NEW YORK – New York State and New York City have jointly announced that $6 million is available to help private and not-for-profit fleets operating in New York City to purchase new or repower vehicles with alternative fuels or advanced technologies that improve efficiency and reduce emissions, according to

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) said in a joint statement that integrating alternative-fuel and emission controls into fleets in New York City will reduce petroleum dependence and mitigate tailpipe emissions.

The New York City Private Fleet Alternative Fuel/Electric Vehicle Program is a state and local partnership between the two agencies. The program uses federal Department of Transportation Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds distributed through NYSERDA to address air quality improvement strategies in the transportation sector. These funds can cover up to half of the incremental cost of new light-duty natural gas or electric vehicles. The program also to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and dependence on imported petroleum. Transportation accounts for 67 percent of the oil consumed in the United States, with this number projected to reach 72 percent by 2020.

To date, $7 million has been awarded through previous rounds of the program in which 30 vehicles that run on compressed natural gas, CNG, 50 hybrid-electric delivery trucks, and five hybrid-electric shuttle buses have been brought into service in New York City.

Six projects are also underway to place an additional 11 electric, five hybrid-electric, and 25 CNG vehicles into service, according to

Funds for this program are awarded based on a competitive process which takes into account the relative environmental, energy, and economic benefits of the projects proposed.

NYSERDA also works with New York state businesses to develop new transportation products, including improved vehicles and components that use natural gas, electric and hybrid-electric technologies, biodiesel, and ethanol fuels. Funding of $1.64 million from NYSERDA has helped Manhattan Beer Distributors, Inc. re-power 30 delivery vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas and has helped fund the installation of a CNG refueling facility.

Over the lifetime of these vehicles, they are expected to displace 1.08 million gallons of diesel fuel and avoid emitting 400,000 pounds of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.