NORFOLK, VA – CCG Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the exciting changes in its leadership structure.

Owner and CEO Pam Nelson has assumed the role of Chairman of the Board. She appointed Joe Healey as its new CEO.

First coming into contact with CCG as one of the speakers for its National Conference in 2003, Healey then began working as a consultant for CCG providing leadership development coaching and change initiatives. His acceptance of the CEO position will drive the strategic initiatives and metrics he helped develop.

“Joe Healey has worked with emerging leaders throughout the company for the past four years and, most recently, he worked with all of the teams in intensive sessions as we prepared for the most successful retreat we have ever had,” says Nelson.

“Some amazing strategic initiatives, as will as better-designed metrics and a more effective balanced scorecard are emerging as a result and we are excited to see the difference this will make for our customers as we move into the future,” she adds.

Healey graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Liberal Arts and Business and is the author of “Radical Trust: How Today’s Great Leaders Convert People to Partners." Hailed as a “fresh” and “inspiring” idea-packed tool, Radical Trust equips managers to fuel growth, attract and retain talent, and create an organization clients love. His extensive experience as banker, entrepreneur, senior executive and CEO ensures that his innovative ideas are relevant to a busy and competitive world.

“I treasure the opportunity to partner with such an inspiring leader (Nelson) and will continue to learn from her,” Healey says. “It is my role and goal to serve this great family at CCG so we can continue to offer customers our best.”

Healey also adds that he looks forward to personally getting to know the customers to better influence the course of CCG in ways that reflect its customer base.

As Chairman of the Board, Nelson will spend more of her time with customers and fleet professionals giving seminars across the country educating the industry on best practices and other key industry issues. Her book, “Making a Difference as a Public Fleet Professional,” provides guidance on how to lead, learn and grow and to help professionals prioritize roles and responsibilities, and help save taxpayers money through effective leadership.