PRINCETON, N.J. – NAFA Fleet Management Association and Ferris State University (FSU) in Michigan have teamed up to provide CAFM program participants 12 semester hours of college credit for successful completion of the program.

NAFA President Gayle Pratt first announced the program at a recent Annual Business Meeting. FSU will provide the credits — the equivalent of a true semester of college-level courses — for the successful completion of the CAFM program.

In addition, FSU also has set up a four-step degree plan that begins with the CAFM and ends in a bachelor’s of science degree with a minor in fleet management. The CAFM program and FSU courses will be available online, as well as being offered on campus, making it possible for anyone to pursue the degree.

“And, of course within NAFA we will continue to teach what we’ve always taught,” said Lieutenant Colonel Katherine Vigneau, CAFM. “We also recognize the value of young people coming into this industry.”

FSU Assistant Professors Spence Tower, PhD., and Gary Maike are working on developing a minor in fleet management that will be available for all Ferris State students in an effort to steer its engineering students toward more of the courses that Spence’s College of Business offers. NAFA will also have the option of hosting the CAFM testing online through FSU. This gives NAFA the ability to schedule exams at any time rather than just the four or five times a year as currently offered.