NORTH LIBERTY, IOWA – Collective Data, Inc., a provider of fleet information and maintenance management software systems, announced record first quarter sales for the period ending Mar. 31, 2008. Sales posted for the first quarter in 2008 eclipsed by more than eight percent the old record for the same time period set in 2007.

Rob Kinney, vice president of Sales, sees the growth in what is traditionally a quiet time period influenced by a convergence of two factors: a new version of their core collectiveFleet software and a new pricing strategy.

“While the difficult economic conditions have tightened, the budgets of many of our current and potential clients, a considerable proportion sees this as an opportunity to implement systems that provide for an effective method of collecting and reporting on important benchmarking metrics, and also make asset management, particularly fuel assets, as precise and efficient as possible,” Kinney said.

The recent release of collectiveFleet v5.2 gives users a more robust method of collecting, using and analyzing fleet operations data. The advanced abilities of the software are enabled through the use of simplified editors, data stream management controls, and simplified data export functionality. These tools give the user the ability to configure the software to work in concert with, and monitor in-place procedures in order to evaluate their effectiveness and measure the effect of change on the bottom line.

The new pricing system provides for a multi-tiered approach to implementing a solution based on answering immediate needs while providing for future customizations.