COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA – A new maintenance facility for Council Bluff’s fleet is needed in Council Bluffs, an official said, according to The Daily Nonpareil.

The City Council recently held a public hearing on the planned new facility that would be built in the area of South Eighth Street and 10th Avenue.

It would be twice the size of the current building, which is less than 12,000 square feet and can only handle four or five vehicles at one time. The planned facility would be 25,000 square feet and feature six bays on each side so that 12 vehicles could be worked on at once.

The estimated cost is $4 million for the structure and another $2 million for land costs, engineering, and infrastructure work. Slightly less than $4 million of the total cost would come from gaming tax revenue, with most of the remaining amount coming from sales tax revenue and general obligation bonds.

With council approval, bids to construct the structure would go out with a May 6 date for the bid openings. Plans call for a completion for next spring.