MINNESOTA – The state of Minnesota has become the 18th state to join the vehicle lifts and related shop equipment contract, as established by the Western State Contracting Alliance (WSCA) organization.

This contract offers four brands of ALI/ETL certified lifts, wheel balancers, tire changers, alignment machines, and exhaust evacuation equipment.

The WSCA contract has terms and conditions mandating the lowest government prices, assuring that the lifts on contract are ALI/ETL certified. It is a voluntary use contract that is available to all government agencies, including agencies not within the 18 states that have joined the contract.

For a government agency to join this contract, the participation addendum must be filled out and signed by the agency and the vendors, and then countersigned by Washington as the lead state of this WSCA contract.

Per contracting officer Richard Carlson, “This contract has far exceeded our usage expectations and will be renewed in 2008.”

The WSCA contract can be seen at http://www.aboutwsca.org, by clicking on the vehicle lift contract.