KANSAS CITY, MO - The American Public Works Association (APWA) is working to expand cost-effective learning and networking opportunities to its membership and agencies, by launching a new program that allows you to tune in to high-quality speakers for just the time it takes to dial a toll-free phone number.

This new program is just the beginning of APWA's initiatives to provide mentoring opportunities to the public works community.

The newest program will offer quarterly phone panel conversations about a variety of contemporary issues such as:

  • Dealing with Politics in the Workplace

  • Humble Beginnings--Unlimited Potential

  • Leadership and Management --Core Competencies

  • When is it Time to Move on?

  • Women in Public Works

  • Ethical Issues in Public Works

    Participating is simple - just call the number and tune in. Listeners will be allowed to email questions to panelists and hear questions from other listeners from around the country.

    Even if you can¹t tune in to the live conference, APWA will record the session and make it available on the APWA website as a downloadable podcast. This is a great opportunity to gather a group around the speakerphone and learn from the leaders in our profession. Bring in the veterans and the newcomers; invite neighboring jurisdictions and use these phone panel discussions as a launching point for further discussion and interaction among the public works professionals in your area.

    The sessions are planned for the fourth Thursday in October, January, April and June at 1:00 p.m. Central Time. Check out the APWA website for details on the inaugural session and the schedule at: http://www.apwa.net/events/broadcast_politics.asp.