EVANSVILLE, IN – Evansville city government has established a Green Fleets Policy that requires all city departments to purchase the most environmentally safe and fuel efficient vehicles possible, according to www.courierpress.com.

The city hopes switching to environmentally friendly vehicles will, over time, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money.

The goals and objectives of the Green Fleets Policy are:

  • Decrease use of petroleum-based products to fuel municipal vehicles and equipment.

  • Increase use of hybrid or alternative/renewable fuel vehicles.

  • Increase use of extremely efficient conventionally-fueled vehicles.

  • Optimize fleet and vehicle size.

  • Minimize vehicle miles traveled.

  • Increase average fuel economy of existing vehicles.

  • Decrease environmental impact of existing vehicles.

  • Increase use of alternate-fuel equipment.

  • Investigate the creation of a vehicle pool.

    A Green Fleets Review Committee will be established to develop procedures to achieve these goals and objectives.

    The city has bought four hybrid buses, which have resulted in a 22-percent reduction in fuel usage and a savings of more than $16,000 per year per bus, according to www.courierpress.com. The Evansville Fire Department recently bought three Toyota Prius’ hybrids to replace three of its Ford Crown Victoria administrative cars.

    The Crown Victoria averages about 12 mpg, while the Prius gets up to 48 mpg. If a Prius is driven 10,000 miles in one year, there is a potential savings of $1,560 if gas would be at $2.50 a gallon.

    There is also a “no idling” policy for city vehicles, and “no idling” signs have been installed at all area schools and city buildings.