AUBURN, AL – The orange and blue Tiger Transit buses at Auburn University are now being fueled with biodiesel, according to the Web site More than 40 Tiger Transit buses run 12 hours a day at Auburn. With that much fuel being used, the school has made the switch to an alternative source.

Tiger Transit has been using 10-percent biodiesel, or B-10, over the last 45 days. They’ll double it within the next few months.

Every eight days, 7,500 gallons of biodiesel are being delivered. Students and faculty members are now using Tiger Transit more than any other point in its history. During the first week of school this fall, 83,000 people rode the bus.

Auburn is the first university in Alabama to switch to biodiesel, according to This is also not the first time Tiger Transit has upgraded its services. Earlier this summer, they unveiled a GPS tracking system that allows students to locate them around campus.