LONGVIEW, TEXAS – Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) announced today that York County, South Carolina Natural Gas has upgraded LGviewer to Community Connect, according to www.geotg.com.

LGviewer provides a set of GIS tools in a simple to use desktop application. LGviewer allows for visualization of land management information. The LGviewer software is designed to leverage database data along with existing GIS data to provide tools for visualization and analysis.

LGcommunity connect is a GIS software solution that allows both HTE Land and Public Safety users to integrate AVL with LG software. The software tracks GPS-enabled vehicles to be tracked via the GIS interface. It takes GPS data from vehicles and places a moving map symbol on the GIS map interface that corresponds to the vehicles location in the real world. Historical AVL information is maintained with the product.

James Kelt, regional manager for GTG, stated that, “Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) has traditionally been used in the Public Safety arena for Police, Fire and EMS mapping. Over the past year, we have seen more agencies leverage GPS technology in other scenarios. For York County Natural Gas, it made perfect sense to leverage GPS technology for use within LGviewer to show locations of their in the field fleet. LG Community Connect accomplishes the task of accurately and efficiently populating real time vehicle locations within the LG product line. By knowing where the vehicles are located as well as information about each vehicle, York County administrators can now allocate resources to specific areas to better serve their customers. This inexpensive module to LGviewer, ultimately keeps client satisfaction high and operational costs low.”