NORFOLK, VA – CCG System, Inc., developer of the FASTER fleet management system, added four sites to its customer base — the City of Madison, Wis.; Leon County Sheriff’s, Fla.; City of Tracy, Calif.; and Canyon County, Idaho.

Having outgrown their current systems and with similar project objectives of increasing fleet information availability — such as equipment utilization, cost, employee performance to forecasting, and trend analysis — the City of Madison and Leon County Sheriff’s have issued P.O.s. The City of Tracy and Canyon County have each awarded CCG their RFP contract for implementation of FASTER.

The City of Madison (a 1,000-vehicle fleet) and Canyon County (a 250-vehicle fleet) are implementing FASTER through client-server, while both the City of Tracy (a 420-vehicle fleet) and Leon County Sheriff’s (a 500-vehicle fleet) are ASP-hosted implementations.