KENNER, LA – The Kenner City Council on Aug. 2 deferred for two weeks Mayor Ed Muniz’s request to double the amount the city spends yearly on decals for city vehicles. Council members said destriping and then restriping the city’s fleet is a waste of money, according to the Web site

Councilman Kent Denapolis and other council members said the striping should be done only on new vehicles or wrecked ones.

Muniz said he would be “glad to withdraw” his proposal, according to

The city’s public works department asked that the contract with Crescent Decal Specialists Inc. be increased by $50,000 to $95,000 yearly. The contract covers labor and materials for decals on city vehicles.

Since January, the city has added the city seal and green-and-yellow striping to about 72 of its 172 vehicles. The effort is to obtain a uniform fleet recognizable as Kenner’s. The restriping also includes a number on the back of trucks people can call to complain about the driving.

Twenty-five vehicles remain to be restriped. The city is not restriping vehicles that will need to be salvaged in the next few years. Being replaced are decals from prior administrations, such as the red, white, and blue vehicles stamped with “Kenner: America’s City.”