Seattle – Helac PowerTilt, a construction equipment attachment from Helac Corporation, has been designed to increase the productivity, profitability and versatility of your backhoe or excavator by simply tilting your attachment instead of repositioning the entire machine. To maximize the machine’s versatility, PowerTilt can be used year-round, with a variety of attachments, including wide or narrow buckets, hydraulic hammers, rippers, mowers, brushcutters and more. It also offers a unique feature set not found in cylinder-style tilt buckets.

Features include:
  • Maximum Tilt – Up to 90 degrees left and right rotation for a full 180 degrees of side-to side swing capacity.
  • Narrow, Compact Configuration – Use with a myriad of construction attachments, even your narrowest trenching bucket.
  • Multiple Coupler Options Available – Use either PowerTilt’s Built-in Quick Coupler for OEM buckets, or a Wainroy or C&P Attachments coupler system. Other coupler options are available through AEM partnerships.
  • Moving Parts are Safely Enclosed – No cylinder rods or external moving parts result in low maintenance costs and longer life.
  • Internal Cross Port Relief Valve – Built-in relief valve for hydraulic overload protection PowerTilt’s smooth side-to-side rotation typically saves at least one hour on the job-site everyday while performing a variety of tasks, such as; site development, landscaping, ditch cleaning, demolition, brushcutting, ripping and more.
  • Helac Corporation’s Innovative Rotary Actuator Technology PowerTilt uses Helac Corporation’s innovative sliding-spline operating technology to convert linear piston motion into powerful shaft rotation. Each actuator is composed of a housing and two moving parts – the central shaft and piston. As hydraulic pressure is applied, the piston is displaced axially, while the helical gearing on the piston OD and housing’s ring gear cause the simultaneous rotation of the piston.

    PowerTilt is available in eight sizes for equipment up to 75,000 lbs. Each model is engineered for a specific class of machinery and individually customized to fit the customer’s excavator or backhoe.