AMES, IA – The City of Ames has joined the long list of organizations that are turning their fleets green. The city is purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles and equipment, flex-fueled vehicles, gas electric hybrids, and even an all electric car.

In addition to providing more fuel-efficient vehicles, a team of city employees put together an operational guideline for the operating departments and maintenance shop to use. These guidelines include route planning to reduce trip distances, proper loading of tools and supplies, keeping tires inflated to the proper psi, using the most fuel efficient vehicle for a trip, properly maintaining the fleet, and other common sense practices.

This initiative began informally two years ago due to the rising price of fuel; however, Ames’ mayor and city council have formally adopted the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement to make Ames a “Cool City” that is focused on reducing carbon emissions from not only the fleet, but from operating public buildings, street and traffic lights, waste processing, and water and waster waste pumping.