BULLHEAD CITY, AZ – Bullhead City will allow local car dealers an opportunity to bid on the city’s latest fleet-vehicle purchase, according to the Mohave Daily News. The decision to bypass the state procurement process through the Arizona Department of Transportation was announced by Bullhead City Manager Tim Ernster at a recent city council meeting. Ernster told the council that city staff found there “isn’t a big difference” between local dealers and Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix, where Bullhead City generally gets the best prices on its fleet of sedans and pickups.

Brenda Richardson, chairwoman of the Fleet Management Committee, told council members the goal is to have a majority of the city fleet five years old or younger. She reported that, if the proposed plan is approved, by the end of fiscal year 2008 the city’s fleet will consist of 125 vehicles. Of those vehicles, 62.4 percent will be new to five years old, 20.8 percent will be six to 10 years old, and 16.8 percent will be 11 years or older.

Ernster said putting the vehicles out for bid doesn’t guarantee a local dealer will be the lowest bidder, but it gives area dealers a chance to bid, according to the Mohave Daily News.