DETROIT – Local governments across Michigan are replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with ones that run on alternative fuels, according to the Detroit Free Press. For instance:

  • Of the City of Taylor’s 190 vehicles, 16 run on natural gas, 35 on biodiesel, and four are hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on loan from Ford Motor Co.
  • More than half of Ann Arbor’s 400-vehicle fleet runs on biodiesel or natural gas. With the help of a federal grant, the city plans to install a pump for E-85, a blend of 85-percent ethanol and 15-percent gasoline.
  • Lansing operates more than half of the 600-vehicle fleet runs on biodiesel. The city plans to purchase two electric vehicles for parking enforcement. Lansing has six vehicles than can run on E-85 but needs a convenient fueling station to make using the fuel practical.