GREENSBORO, NC – Gasboy has introduced two improved pumps specifically designed for above-ground storage tank (AST) applications. The Atlas ASTRA 9823K and Atlas Compact Mechanical 9123K series feature improved metering, pumping unit, and frame materials compared to the company’s previous models.

The ASTRA 9823K is the industry’s only split electronic pump. It has a suction pump hydraulic module that mounts directly on top of the AST. A separate electronic computer head that features an LCD display and nozzle hang-up boot mounts conveniently at grade for easy access. The ASTRA 9823K works as a standalone pump, or can work in conjunction with a Gasboy Fleet Management System for complete fuel access and fleet management.

The Compact Mechanical 9123K is a complete pump and mechanical register system packaged in a reduced height frame. It can mount on top of the tank, on a shelf on the side of the tank, or at grade for maximum installation flexibility. By adding an optional pulser, it can also operate in conjunction with a Gasboy Fleet Management controller for added security and fuel management.