EAGLE COUNTY, CO – None of the Eagle County employees who will be driving one of the county’s new Toyota Prius hybrids will argue that they aren’t good for the environment, but some feel the cars may not benefit the users as much as they do the planet, according to the Vail Daily newspaper. The county has replaced half its fleet — including cars, vans, and SUVs — with the Prius. Twelve of the county’s 20 cars are eco-friendly.

Worries over the more practical aspects of the car were expressed by some county employees at the recent Prius fleet’s unveiling. Employees are concerned about safety issues, such as how safe it is to have the battery in the trunk of the car. Others are concerned with the vehicle being able to handle their basic job, such as fitting their work equipment in the car. And then, driving the Pruis in tough weather conditions is under question.

The switch to the Prius fleet cost the county $462,000, and was made after doing a thorough examination of the county’s other options, according to the Vail Daily. If the cars show a dramatic improvement on gas savings, and work well for employees, the rest of the fleet could be replaced within two years.