TORRANCE, CA – Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) has introduced the KX080-3, its largest and most advanced excavator to date. Designed especially for work environments where space is limited, but additional power, capacity, and efficiency are required, this eight-ton, tight-tailswing excavator offers more than 14,000 pounds of breakout force.

The KX080-3 breaks new ground with the first direct-injection (DI) engine in a Kubota excavator. This quiet Kubota diesel engine can drive 14,660 pounds of bucket force and 8,554 pounds of arm crowd force. Another fuel-saver that helps reduce noise and exhaust emissions is the auto-idling system, which instinctively adjusts engine revolutions per minute (RPM).

The KX080-3 improves travel by automatically downshifting into low when making turns, moving on soft earth or in extra-heavy-duty-use situations. It also delivers smoother handling through the three-pump, load-sensing hydraulic system, which enables users to perform simultaneous operations, such as dozing and using front attachments, without losing speed. Twin auxiliary-service ports offer a hydraulic-flow rate up to 26 gallons per minute.

The KX080-3’s oil-flow control allows easy adjustment to match the needs of the job or the attachment in use. Operators can store settings to quickly switch from using a tilt bucket to manipulating an auger or thumb.

Kubota’s Intelligent Control System LCD control panel provides a digital display of diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. Beyond showing current working conditions, engine RPM, temperature, and oil levels, the LCD panel’s enhanced information system decreases downtime and repair fees.