BANGOR, ME – In 10 days, Bangor will become the first city in Maine to ban adults from smoking in any motor vehicle when children are present, according to Bangor Daily News. In a 6-3 vote, the Bangor City Council approved a measure that prohibits any driver or passenger from lighting up a cigarette or other smoking material in a motor vehicle if anyone under age 18 is in the vehicle. Violators of the new city ordinance can be fined $50. The law applies to any motor vehicle on any public road within the city limits.

Supporters of the measure include Councilor Patricia Blanchette, area residents, local medical professionals, the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, and the Fusion Bangor development group. Shawn Yardley of the city’s Department of Health and Welfare said the ordinance would help attract state, federal, and private foundation grant dollars to promote public health initiatives.

Similar statewide measures have been adopted in Arkansas and Louisiana and are under consideration in several other states, according to Bangor Daily News.