GARY, IN – The city of Gary fleet maintenance building was destroyed by a fire that started Dec. 21. At sunrise Dec. 22, fire crews were still at the scene of the fire, according to the Web site As of 6:30 a.m., crews were putting out hotspots at the city maintenance building at 1305 W. 11th Ave. in Gary, which housed Gary city vehicles. A fire truck and a SWAT command unit were among the vehicles destroyed in the blaze. The exact number of vehicles lost was not known. No injuries were reported.

Gary Fire Chief Jeff Ward said the fire. It appeared to spread from a vehicle stored on a lift near the wood-framed roof of the one-story building. Thirty-five to 40 firefighters fought the blaze at its peak.

City crews were able to remove garbage trucks from the building before they were damaged, but several other vehicles were destroyed.