MESA, AZ – Fleet Counselor Services Inc. (FCS) is redesigning its existing certification program, resulting in the introduction of two new product lines for 2007. New sales pricing that will go into effect Jan. 2007 will not affect current clients or existing services. The new product offerings will include an optional automated data input function that will eliminate most of the current manual data input. In most cases, there will be a cost associated for designing and implementing the interface.

According to FCS President Jim Wright, “The reason for paying support fees is to expand the product and make it better overall. We want to meet our clients’ needs and control our costs. Our current client base, at the time of the roll out of the new products, will have complete and full access to both new products at no additional cost. However, new clients will see an additional cost for purchase of the new product line.”

The current Fleet Certification function, including the testing portion of the product, will be called ‘Fleet Sentinel – World Class Certification.’ Fleet Sentinel will include all of the current functionality of Fleet Counselor but will look different. Once certified, the crystal award will be replaced by a 2’ x 2’ Sentinel Plaque. FCS will also offer New Sentinel polo shirts, desk plaques, certificates, crystal awards, and other individual recognition awards to our clients. The pricing structure will offer advanced services, such as on-site testing assistance options and advanced on-site fleet staff workshops.

The implementation plans and fleet calculators will be re-engineered into a new product titled, “The Fleet Manager’s Tool Box,’ and will not include any of the current certification testing programs or evaluation criteria. Those functions will have been moved to the Sentinel product.

Plans have been made for fleets that have asked for and received a current price quotation based on the old pricing sheet. The initial plan is to honor any formal price quotations through the end of Jan. 2007. However, this is subject to the FCS Board of Directors Approval, which will meet later this month.

FCS is also proposing to make the Fleet Sentinel and Tool Box products available through a subscription service. That pricing structure is being reviewed at this time. For more information, e-mail Jim Wright at before December 31.