SANTA MONICA, CA – A comprehensive exposition of technologically advanced, alternative-fuel, and high-MPG vehicles will be on display at The Alternative Car and Transportation Expo in Santa Monica, Calif., Dec. 9-10. A car rally and opening ceremony — including a parade of all participating alternative vehicles — will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Fri., Dec. 8. The event will begin at the Santa Monica Pier and end at Barker Hanger and will include actors James Brolin, Alexandra Paul, and Ed Begley Jr., as well as a few surprises.

More than 100 alternative-fuel vehicles will be showcased at the expo, including hybrid, electric, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, plug-in hybrid, high MPG gasoline, ethanol, and biodiesel. Other eco-friendly vehicles — such as Segways, electric skateboards, bicycles, mopeds, and two and three-wheeled scooters — will also be on display. Car manufacturers, alternative- and green-fuel advocates, public transportation, and air quality and energy agencies will showcase and discuss new technologies, viable sustainable fuel alternatives, health solutions, urban planning, and renewable energy. The show will offer the opportunity to ride in and drive the newest alternative vehicles, some never seen before.

Companies exhibiting at the event include traditional car manufactures such as General Motors and American Honda Motor Company, as well as Quantum Technologies, Miles Automotive, and Zenn Motor Company.

The event is hosted by the City of Santa Monica and will be held at Barker Hangar, located at the Santa Monica Air Center. Event sponsors include Edison, Southern California Gas, Big Blue Bus, Metro, Global Green, Clean Cities, Whole Foods, the Ambrose, Troy Sound Walls, and the Santa Monica Pier. Admission is free, and parking is $5. Visit for more information.