MARSHALL, MN — For three months, Marshall City division heads will track daily mileage traveled in their personal vehicles for city business, track if three division heads are gone at the same time in personal vehicles, and other associated items, according to the Marshall Independent newspaper.

Councilman Charlie Sanow made the suggestion on the tracking while the Marshall City Council was discussing the city’s policy on reimbursement to six division heads for personal use of their vehicles on city business. The city reimburses six division heads $250 a month for city use of personal vehicles. The $250 is to cover gas used in the city, insurance, licenses, and other costs to make the personal vehicle available for city use. The division heads do not get mileage in the city of Marshall but do get paid the federal mileage standard of 45.5 cents per mile for out-of-town travel. City administrator Mike Johnson said division heads now submit auto expenses to the city’s financial director, according to the Marshall Independent newspaper. Councilman and personnel committee chairman Mike Reynolds said the committee reviewed the policy and determined it wasn’t feasible at this point to rent cars or to increase the city’s car fleet.