FENTON, MI – Webasto’s BlueHeat Coolant Heater provides on-demand, in-cab heating, and engine pre-heating — without having to idle a vehicle’s engine — by heating the engine’s coolant and pumping it through the engine block and HVAC system. Using BlueHeat reduces fuel consumption, cold engine start damage, and tailpipe emissions, according to Webasto.

Tests show that the BlueHeat Coolant Heater burns one-eighth of the fuel as an idling engine, simultaneously emitting only one-twentieth of the emissions.

Without running the engine, the BlueHeat Coolant pre-heats the engine and cab and protects the engine from a cold start. BlueHeat acts as a vehicle’s furnace, used as a supplemental heating unit in a moving vehicle. The BlueHeat Coolant Heater is a self-contained system that uses fuel from the vehicle and 12-volt power from the battery and integrates into the vehicle’s HVAC system.

The BlueHeat Air Heater uses less power than the Coolant Heater. Users can leave the Air Heater running overnight while vehicles are parked outside and the BlueHeat thermostat will maintain a set temperature inside the vehicle so cargo doesn’t freeze.